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Shaken, Not Stirred.
Because you only live once...

When the world is not enough, consider me the antidote to ordinary: A potent cocktail of beauty and brilliance with hidden talents — the femme fatale to your international man of mystery. Gorgeous yet grounded, dressed to kill but always game to kick off my Louboutins and run barefoot through the grass, I’ll make your heart race faster than an Aston Martin DB5.


By day, I work undercover at an international masthead. (You might have noticed I’ve got a way with words.) Despite being a published model with time served in the Ivy League, I wanted more than the picket-fence future that was expected of me. I'm chasing a life in crescendo, untethered by convention, and the subtle thrill of gliding through a polite society none the wiser.

Perhaps you can relate.


I mesh best with elite agents: Accomplished men of taste who appreciate the pleasure to be found in the company of a refined and educated woman but crave more than what traditional dating has to offer. Whether you need the touch of Lady Luck before that next investor meeting or a date to turn heads at your next red carpet event, you’ll find that I’m exceedingly adaptable, as adept at discretion as I am at desire.

Ready to rendezvous? You can read testimonials from cherished friends, visit my about page to get to know me better, wander through the gallery and peruse my patronage, then slide into my DMs and tell me why we're a match.

Elle Newsletter 2.jpg
"Simply put, Elle is the real deal. Personable, intelligent and she has a great sense of humor — a real pleasure to be around. That alone would be reason enough to spend time with her. Oh, and did I mention she is a total beauty?"
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